Sunday, October 22, 2006

Travis Morin Update

Thanks to a reader Chris we have some detailed information on Morin thank you Chris.

Morin was on the first line both nights. The reason he's not listed as the
starter on Friday is because Minnesota State was the home team and got the last
change, so they wanted to put their top defensive line against SCSU's first
line.Morin ended up playing about 30 minutes in each game though because so many
penalties got called and he's on the top PK and PP unit. They were also running
his line every other shift for a while 5-on-5 on Friday just to try and get some
momentum going.Also, he only had the one goal, but he also hit two crossbars
this weekend, including a sweet move to beat two defenders and the goalie that
just hit off the post.


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